Welcome to the Oneida Indian Nation Gaming Commission

The Oneida Indian Nation Gaming Commission, as established under the Nation-State Compact between the Oneida Indian Nation of New York and the State of New York, shall ensure the integrity of casino gaming, and thereby protect the interests of The Oneida Indian Nation, its members, employees and guests.

The Turning Stone Resort and Casino, like all casinos operations, is a heavily regulated business.  It is the Commissions job to ensure that all of the State and Federal gaming regulations are followed and properly adhered to.  These regulatory guidelines include the Nation-State Compact, the National Indian Gaming Commissions Minimum Internal Controls, The Oneida Indian Nation Gaming Regulations and Gaming Ordinance, and the Turning Stone Internal Accounting and Control Procedures.

The Commission is an entity of the Oneida Indian Nation and acts independently of the gaming operations. Its functions include addressing guest complaints related to gaming, providing a voluntary exclusion process for guests with gambling addictions, and the licensing of gaming related employees.

To help ensure the integrity of the casino operations, the Commission oversees a Surveillance Department, an Inspectors Unit and an Internal Audit Division.

Feel free to explore our web site and if you wish, contact the Commission, or report a gaming complaint.  Your identity and any information you provide will be kept confidential.